HCL Digital Week 2020 Replay´s

Today HCL released the recaps from the HCL Digital Week. You can access the PDF with all available replays here:

Link to the summary

HCL also is offering multiple ways for finding additional informations about different HCL Collaboration Solutions:

HCL Digital Week – Recap Day 1

Today, Monday 9th 2020, the HCL Digital Week started with a very impressive opening by Richard Jefts and Dion Hinchliffe where they talked about the Digital Transformation and how HCL is going to support YOU on this very interesting journey. During this Opening Session some very interesting facts have been shown by Dion Hinchliffe.

The very important message on this slide is
“Digital Transformation tops ALL priorities, even Cybersecurity”

Also some “Myth vs Reality” comparisons have been shown to disprove opinions from CIOs and also user – go through the slide show and see some statements.

The Digital Transformation is managing the way of the development of the HCL Collaboration Solutions which is shown in the following image:

After this great opening Andrew Manby and Ken Krause showed the vision of HCL regarding the so called Low-Code Manifesto where the new way of developing and deploying smart applications has been shown. Also a comparision of HCL Volt MX and HCL Domino Volt was presented to figure out the differences of those two Low-Code Development Platforms:

One of the biggest announcements of the first day of the DS Imagine Day has been the Preview of HCL Domino V12 presented by Barry Rosen and Francois Nasser !!  The new release is planned for late spring of  2021 and is including a lot of long-time-requestes features like

  • Changes in Certification Management
  • Let´s Encrypt included in the Domino V12 code
  • Active Directory Sync including Password (!)
  • Enhancements of the Search Capability in the Notes V12 Client
  • Domino Nomad Web ( especially for accessing Domino applications )
  • Domino Nomad Mobile including authentication via FaceID
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Integration of a Domino application into MS Teams
  • Added the capability of QR codes for Sametime Online Meetings
  • “Auto Deployment” of ID Vault

The best of Domino V12 is the same you could see in the last decades:

HCL is planning that the upgrade to V12 will be the last time you have to upgrade Notes Clients because of the announcement of HCL Nomad Web.

Also the security will be enhanced with some really great features:

And of course HCL is also enabling running a HCL Domino environment on ALL cloud-based vendors:

So Day 1 is finished ( except the HCL Digital Happy Hour ) but great announcements so far.

To the complete Dev Team @HCL: CONGRATULATIONS when we’ll receive all of the announcments !!

HCL Digital Week

HCL is inviting to their Digital Week where a number of events will be held virtual to deliver the latest – and I’m sure great – news around HCL Collaboration Solutions.

Feel free to register for this great event where you’ll get for example the following news:

  • The world premiere of HCL Volt MX
  • A preview of HCL Domino v12 
  • HCL Sametime Premium and HCL Connections v7 
  • Our world-famous Factory Tour 

Register HERE for this great event.

HCL Domino AppDev Pack 1.0.5 available

Today HCL released the Domino AppDev Pack 1.0.5 with the following enhancements:

Support for the following:

  • Domino server V10.0.1FP5 or later
  • Domino server V11.0.1 or later
  • Node.js V12
  • (Preview) Java 1.8 or later

(Preview) A new JAR file with the com.hcl.domino.db API. This API is similar to the Node.js @domino/domino-db API, but does not yet support, rich text, agents, and Act-as-User operations. See install kit for information about the Java Doc.

(Preview) Support for working with rich text content. See here and here for more details.

A new way to configure the Domino server AppDev pack components. The AppDev Pack kit contains a new database template from which the Domino administrator creates the configuration database, adpconfig.nsf. For installation details see here.

Improved reliability for long running Proton applications.

Instructions for the make_certs.* and make_keyring.* scripts.

@domino/domino-db support for duplicate items using the duplicateItems property. Use this optional property to read and write items in a document with the same name. See here for more details.

Support for a related property, canonicalFormat. Use this property to request that item data be provided in a canonical format. See here for more details.


The Domino AppDev Pack 1.0.5 is already available at HCL Flexnet.

Using HCL Nice tool silent

With HCL NICE you´re able to uninstall your Notes Client. But you also can use HCL NICE scripted with some options. Here´s a list of all possible options:

-h Show help
-qn Silent mode
-qn+ Silent mode with status dialog box at the end
-qb Silent mode with progress bar
-qb+ Silent mode with progress bar and status dialog box at the end
-rp Remove program files
-rd Remove data files
-wipe Force removal of all Notes installation information
-rn Remove Notes installation
-ri Remove ICAA installation

UPDATE: Resource Reservation Database does not handle meetings 24+ hours

Today I received the information from HCL Support that the current version of the Room and Resource calendar does not have the feature to span meetings with 24+ hours.

There´s a request for this option in the Domino Ideas Portal ( please vote !! )


There´s also a SPR # ASAEBQELLY created for this issue. So if you want this issue solved quick, open a case and reference to the case number CS0125933 and SPR # ASAEBQELLY.