Personal Recap of engage.2022

First of all I want to thank Theo Heselmans and his whole team for making this great event in Bruges possible !! It was very cool to see all the guys from the “Yellow Bubble” again in person.

During this conference HCL delivered great news around the HCL Collaboration Solutions and also the corresponding roadmaps ( which cannot be seen from other competitors 😉 ) ! It’s almost impossible to name all upcoming features or releases but I’ll try to name the most important ones for me:

HCL Domino
With the new version coming in Q4/2022 the versioning will be withdrawn and we will be facing releases named by rivers. The upcoming release will be named “HCL Domino Danube” ( what makes me proud because the Wiener Waltz was composed in Austria where I live ).

But what can we expect of HCL Domino Danube ?
Security issues like

  • ICAP-support
  • DKIM support for inbound mails
  • Support for SPF ( Sender Policy Framework )
  • Processing of User Certificates and Key Rollover for Web Only Users in the ID Vault

But also features like the

  • Domino Restyle Application ( for quickly redesigning your existing applications to a modern style )
  • Freetime Search from Domino to MSEX/O365 and vice versa
  • Support for VSS by HCL Domino Backup
  • Usage of HCL Nomad Web without the requirement of HCL SafeLinx
  • and a lot of more and really great enhancements which also come from the Product Ideas Portal where everyone is likely invited to either create new ideas or vote for existing ones

HCL Notes
With the upcoming release of the client we can expect

  • 64-bit Notes Standard Client and All Clients ( but don´t worry > also the 32-bit clients will still be available )
  • Enhancements in the Online Meetings
    • Allow delegates to setup Online Meetings
    • Robust support for repeating meetings
    • Automatic inclusion of dial-in numbers and passwords

HCL Verse on Premises ( Verse 3.0 is coming in June 2022 !! )

  • New Contacts Interface ( idea coming from the Product Ideas Portal !! )
  • Visual Scheduler for the Freetime Search
  • New functionality of “Sent from”

HCL Verse Mobile
With the upcoming release of HCL Verse Mobile ( app for iOS and Android ) you’ll be able to configure multiple accounts,

get Free/Busy Lookups and a lot of additional features !!

But what else is coming ??

HCL Volt MX Go
A new way to “include” your existing Domino applications to the Volt MX platform by adding the new “VoltScript” to Volt MX. “VoltScript” is a new hybrid language which also includes elements of LotusScript, Lotus Formula Language and syntax similar to VBA.

Also the polls taken during the OGS of engage.2022 have been written by Volt MX Go. Take a look what existing customers already moved over to Volt MX Go >> link.

HCL Nomad
The roadmap of HCL Nomad also is very stunning but the list would burst this blog post.

So if you’re interested in additional informations ( e.g. about HCL Sametime V12 ) please also take a look at the official HCL site where a lot of additional informations can be found

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