Overview of newly released versions

In the last days HCL released a lot of new versions for different solutions. Take a look at this overview:

HCL SafeLinx 1.2.1
The new release of HCL SafeLinx is delivering some very great enhancements:

This release introduces support for Microsoft SQL Server backend database on Linux, including support for the native client provided with the server. For configuration steps, see Roadmap: Installing and configuring SafeLinx on SQL Server and Linux.

This release supports SAML Notes federated login for Nomad. Support is provided at the beta level, which means we encourage feedback on the feature but it is not officially supported until a subsequent release of Nomad.

The SafeLinx installer provides a link to the Getting started with Nomad server configuration wizard. This wizard guides you through the steps to configure a Nomad server on SafeLinx.

HCL Traveler 12.0 FP2

KB0093110 When NTS_USER_SESSION is changed to true, users getting NotesException 4488 can still sync
KB0092903 SFSR body text gets garbled if it contains DBCS chars
KB0092752 Long delay of syncing emails to clients for users with mismatched mail file paths
KB0092596 Traveler may skip attachments with a file name that starts with M followed by a digit
KB0093578 Modifying a meeting from the iOS Calendar may cause Online Meeting data to be lost
Please also take a look at the official Release Notes.

HCL Domino Volt 1.0.4
Some very helpful enhancements have been packed in the latest release. For administrators HCL Domino Volt 1.0.4 is available in a Docker Container based on HCL Domino V12. And there have been some improvements with the performance.

But there are also enhancements for the low code developers among us:

  • A Data Grid widget has been added to the control palette for forms and app pages. DataGrid is a new way to display data from another form in the same application. For more information, see the following topics:
  • A Rich Text entry field is added.
  • Using the Rich Text entry, you can add Rich Text anywhere in your form or app page.
  • Added Service Timing.
    • Service Timing indicates whether a service on an activity should run before or after submitting the document
  • Link integration updates
  • Domino Data as a service: read Domino rich text fields.

Also the UI received updates:

  • Tabs across the top are replaced by a sidebar
  • Modern breadcrumb navigation
  • An updated toolbar

For a complete overview take a look at the “What´s new” site and also on the Fix List.

And last but not least HCL released Notes/Domino V12.0.1 Beta 2. In the last beta the following features have been integrated and will be available estimated at the end of 2021:

You also can take a look at the official Release Notes for 12.0.1 beta 2:

So a lot of great features have been delivered by HCL in the last days.

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