Domino V11 Compact Options

Today I saw a program document from a customer environment with different compact options and to be honest >> I haven’t seen some of them for a while ( -W, -X, -x ). Those options are not mentioned in the official documentation ( ) but you can get a complete list of the options when using the following command in your Server Console ( the following is from our Domino V11 server ):

lo compact -?

Please note the additional information after this listing !!!

-A Archive and delete documents without compacting.
-a Archive and delete documents, then compact database.
-B Recover space and reduce file size (inplace-style).
-b Recover space without reducing file size (inplace-style).
-C Copy-style compaction.
-D Discard view indexes (copy-style).
-daos on Enable ‘Use Domino Attachment and Object Service’ database
property. (Use with -C to move current objects into DAOS)
-daos off Disable ‘Use Domino Attachment and Object Service’ database
property. (Use with -C to move current objects out of DAOS)
-e No-execute: Show effective arguments only, since some arguments
affect others.
-F Enable ‘Document table bitmap optimization’ database property
-f Disable ‘Document table bitmap optimization’ database property
-g Copy-style compact the DB2 group associated with this database
or databases (for directories).  Recovers disk space in DB2.
-G Copy-style compact the DB2 group name passed in as a parameter.
Recovers disk space in DB2.
-H Enable ‘Don’t support specialized response hierarchy’ database
property (copy-style).
-h Disable ‘Don’t support specialized response hierarchy’ database
property (copy-style).
-i Ignore errors (for copy-style only).
-j Just Delete (must specify -a or -A to be valid).
-K Enable large UNK table (>64 KB).
-k Disable large UNK table (>64 KB).
-L Don’t lock users out during compaction (for copy-style only).
-M Set maximum database size to 4 GB.
-N Disable ‘Compress database design’ database property.
(Use -C with -N to uncompress current database design documents)
-n Enable ‘Compress database design’ database property.
(Use -C with -n to compress current database design documents)
-nifnsf on Enable ‘Move views out of database’ database
property. (Use with -C to move current views out of database)
-nifnsf off  Disable ‘Move views out of database’ database
property. (Use with -C to move current views into database)
-o Check for overlapping objects.
-p Convert to an NSFDB2 database.
-pirc on Enable ‘Purge Interval Replication Control’ on database.
-pirc off Disable ‘Purge Interval Replication Control’ on database.
-r Revert to previous ODS format (e.g. on an R8 system,
keep/convert back to R7 format).
-R Revert one ODS based on the current ODS of the database.
(e.g. Converts an R8 (ODS48) database to R7 (ODS43) format)
-S nnnK Compact database if unused space estimate >= nnn KB.
-S nnnM Compact database if unused space estimate >= nnn MB.
-S nn Compact database if unused space estimate >= nn percent.
-T Enable transaction logging.
-t Disable transaction logging.
-U Enable ‘Don’t maintain unread marks’ database property.
-u Disable ‘Don’t maintain unread marks’ database property.
-upgrade Upgrade databases created with older DB classes to the
most recent class.
-V Disable ‘Compress document data’ database property.
(Use -C with -V to uncompress current document data)
-v Enable ‘Compress document data’ database property.
(Use -C with -v to compress current document data)
-W nn Only compact databases which haven’t been compacted successfully
in last nn days. Ordered by last compact time.
-w Exclude system databases (e.g. log.nsf, names.nsf).
-X nn Limit each database compaction to no more than nn minutes.
(applies to in-place compaction only)
-x nn Limit total compaction time to no more than nn minutes.
-Y Recurse through subdirectories (default).
-y Do not recurse through subdirectories.
-ZU Enable ‘Use LZ1 compression for attachments’ database property.
(Use -C with -ZU to compress existing attachments using LZ1.)
-0 Process NSFDB2 databases only.  This will ignore NSF databases
and is to be used with other switches.
-* Include *.ntf and *.box when processing a directory
-# nn Execute up to nn compactions in parallel using different threads.
Up to a maximum of 20 Threads with a default of 1.
-ODS Perform a copy-style compact only if the current ODS is less than
desired default ODS.
-IDS_FULL What percentage full of IDs to create a new replica (optional).
-REN_WAIT Number of minutes to wait for rename (optional).
-RESTART Restart server if rename does not succeed and complete rename
on startup (optional).

I received an information from the HCL Grandmaster Daniel Nashed that

  • there are troubles with the option “-REPLICA” in Domino V10 and also in Domino V11. When using the option “lo compact db.nsf -REPLICA” some profile documents are removed and this bug is reproducable !! Therefore >> DON´T USE THIS OPTION !!!
  • Also don´t use the option “-ZU” at already DAOS enabled databases !!! > In earlier releases -ZU was ignored for DAOS enabled databases. Now it works but gets attachments out of DAOS into the NSF to recompress, which is increasing the physical database size and duplicates data. You should only use -ZU before you enable DAOS. And this needs to be a two step process.

HCL Launch Tokyo – my personal summary

Yesterday HCL presented the upcoming releases of

  • HCL Domino/Notes V11
  • HCL Sametime V11 and
  • HCL Connections 6.5
  • HCL Domino Volt
    • A brand new Low-Code Development Tool

and we had a great event here in Austria/Vienna with almost 70 “Yellow Bleeders” !!

It was a great announcement from Richard Jefts, Andrew Manby, Danielle Baptiste and Francois Nasser !! A lot of long requested features are included in the newest releases. Take some time and check the videos available on YouTube:

HCL Live from Tokyo


Introducing HCL Domino Volt


HCL Domino V11 – what´s new


HCL Sametime V11 – what´s new


HCL Connections 6.5 already is available for download.

HCL Domino/Notes V11, HCL Sametime V11, HCL Traveler V11 have been announced for December 20th – a perfect Christmas Present from the great HCL Dev Team !! Thanks a lot for your great work in the last months.

Notes/Domino 10.0.1 Fix Pack 3 Release Notice and Fix List

Yesterday the first Fix Pack was officially released by HCL. You can find the included fixes and the download links on the official HCL site:

The fixes included in FP3 are:


+SPR# DLIMBDWQXW – Fixed a problem where the Notes client would hang on exit when Replication on exit was enabled.  This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10.

SPR# JALAB6SRRH – If EnableThreeClicks ini is set to 1, user will be required to enter three clicks for opening attachments and URLs, as mandated by the EU.  This option is off by default.

+SPR# VRARB6GJCZ – Fixed a problem in the Notes client where Widgets would not work.  This regression was introduced in 10.0.1 FP10.

SPR# ZNDNBC8H3E – Fixed a Notes client crash on Windows 10 V1809 whenever the user tried to remotely connect to their machine via Remote Desktop Protocol.

SPR# DOKEATLHV9 – Prior to this fix, the failover error “Remote system no longer responding” was shown on send-mail action when the primary server was down.This is specific to SCN.

+SPR# SSARBD4J84 – Fixed a problem in the Notes client where, if the Notes preference Open each document in new window has been set, the first window opened cannot be closed.  This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10.

+SPR# KSOAB5MM66 – Fixed a problem with the Notes calendar where setting the body text to any proportionally spaced font then reopening the saved calendar entry would result in the body text having been changed toDefault Monospace font.  This regression was introduced in 10.0.

SPR# SMEAB94AYW – Fixed a problem where the Notes client would hang when using a particular widget.

+SPR# RGANBBABED – Fixed a problem in Xpages in the Mac Client where an error 500 page was being displayed when trying to launch an Xpage app.  This regression was introduced in 10.0.1.

SPR# RPAIBC5J2Y – Fixed a problem in the Notes client where certain SMIME messages would crashing when being opened

SPR# SSPLBCSJ2B – Mac client now has an updated version of the JVM – 1.8 (IBM) SR5 FP30


SPR# AGUD87CN4P – Fixed a problem where the LotusScript Split function would produce incorrect results if the delimiter contained two of the same character.

SPR# JCORBDBPYA – LotusScript JSONElement.value property truncates the LotusScript string when the value is greater than 64K.  Fix provides for complete return of a JSONElement value string.

SPR# JCUSB9JL8B – DQL: Fixed a problem where DQL did not recognize a query that contained DBCS characters.

SPR# RDOLB9734S – Fixed a problem in Domino Designer where editing and saving LotusScript agents in would sometimes hangs when “Run in background client thread” was enabled.

+SPR# TOCLBC7MGL – Fixed a problem in Domino Designer where Xpages would no longer work after opening/closing a form if LibreOffice (v6.2) was installed.  This regression was introduced in 10.0.


SPR# GFALBCFAK3 – Fixed a problem with DAOS resync where deletion and copy style compact were not possible after DAOS resync due to an error “File is in use by another program”.

SPR# GRHEBBCS5X – Fixed a problem where Symmetrical cluster created a folder when doing a repair even if the directory in the path was a directory link

+SPR# KKHOBCGF8H – Fixed a problem where, when creating new replicas (where the target replica is a stub), if a corrupt folder note exists in the source database, replication might retry replicating the corrupt folder note and not complete.  This regression was introduced in 10.0.

SPR# MNAA9K9ANA – Fixed a problem where Xpages documents would not show an inserted image if an attachment had been uploaded to the document. The MIME data type was not getting set to Content-Type:multipart/related

+SPR# MSKABBZH3L – Fixed a problem where Adminp was failing trying to create replicas of large databases (250gb) on large disks (2TB).  It would incorrectly state there was insufficient space.  The workaround is to create the replica directly in the UI and not use adminp. This issue has been corrected.  This regression was introduced in 10.0

+SPR# PLYSBCPKCP – Fixed a problem in the Domino SMTP server where a non-ascii internet message address phrase lost its encoding when being stored in a Notes item. This regressoin was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10.

SPR# RPAIBA9JUZ     – Fixed a problem in QVault tool where too much logging information was being output by default.  Logging now requires DEBUG_IDV_QVAULT=1 to be set.

SPR# SAZR9REQ9R  – Fixed an intermittant crash on Domino server making outbound LDAP search requests.   This is most likely due to an edge case network error condition.

SPR# STAAB6A5GX – Fixed a problem in the Domino server where the Tika java process was not being shutdown when the update task was restarted.

SPR# DVDIASU9A3 – Fixed a problem in the HTML Parser where the router would sometimes hang while processing styles.

SPR# JPAIB6ZLKG – Fixed a problem with the Domino server where the Java Tika process was not terminating cleanly on Domino server shutdown on non windows platforms

+SPR# PKURBBX6QK – Fixed a problem where ampersands contained in an LDAP filter attribute value were inadvertently being escaped in filters which were not being sent to IBM Directory Server LDAP. This fix causes the ampersand to be escaped only in filter attribute values being sent to an IBM Directory Server. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP8.

SPR# RSTNB6GC7D – Fixed a problem where dbmt did not terminate when running with -range option and loaded at server startup. This was causing dbmt to not process databases when the next time the specified range came around.


SPR# MSAHBC92RS – iNotes: Fixed a problem in iNotes where, using IE, the Notes ID management dialog box became blank after the internet certificate was imported.

+SPR# SLODAN59R7 – iNotes: Fixed a problem where hyper links in the mail body were truncated if the URL had spaces. This regression was introduced in 10.0.

SPR# TPONBBYCME – iNotes: Fixed a problem where the mail body contents in bidirection environment didn’t appear in the correct direction.

+SPR# RMTGB7NEX2 – iNotes – Fixed a problem that hyper links in mail body did not work if the URL had spaces – the spaces were truncated.  This regression was introduced in 10.0.


A great 2 factor authentication tool for Domino

After having received a request for a 2FA solution for Domino I searched the web and found this great solution from cyone – the Two-Factor authentication.

Some mails later with Sergey Golubev he sent me some information about this solution and also the pricing which is extremely straightforward.

Now to the implementation: it took about 30 minutes for implementing this tool for an environment with one server and one test user ( me ). You can choose 3 types of notification – I took the one with the Google Authenticator and it´s running very fine !

The login process is looking this way without great customizations:




You also can exclude some content for the 2FA like Traveler and can choose each single user from your directory for which you can enable the requirement.

Compared with other solutions this is the most simple and effective way for a more secure environment.


Update on Monday, August 19th:

Today I checked the feature of the “Self registration” and created the requested database on our server. Just some modifications in the ACL of the main application and the self registration for users works like a charm.

IBM Notes V10.x: Search for attachment names not working anymore

Yesterday I received an email from a customer complaining that a search on a full text indexed mail database does not find attachment names.

I tried this on my mail database on a local replica and also on our server and could see the same result: attachment names are not found.

After opening a case @HCL yesterday, today I received the information, that this regression in well known under the SPR # JCUS975RGX:

SPR # JCUS975RGX => Allow attachments to be found by searching for their file names
This is regression started on V10.0.0 and was working on previous versions.

If you also are facing this problem with Notes/Domino V10.x just open a case and refer to this SPR to increase the weightage for getting a solution.


SPR# CEMABAVNMT RFC822 addresses with unquoted commas and semicolons in a friendly part causes an issue on the Domino server mail addressing. RFC822StripUnquotedDelimiters serves as a work around in fixing the issue

From the SPR# JALS658T7S – Mail is parsed into two separate addresses on a reply/reply with history.

This fix prevents splitting of RFC822 addresses caused by unquoted commas and semicolons in a friendly part. This fix requires setting the Notes.ini variable “RFC822StripUnquotedDelimiters=1”.

But on some cases, setting the parameter to RFC822StripUnquotedDelimiters=0 will workaround the issue for inbound SMTP when User in the TO field goes to the BCC field when entering a Domino 10.0.1 server

Permanent fix will be available in Domino 10.0.1 FP2. SPR# CEMABAVNMT

Debug parameters used to identify the issue(only to be set when working with support):

set config SMTPSaveImportErrors=2
set config MIMEExceptions=2
set config Debugitrfc822.cpp=1
set config Debug_iCal_Addresses=1
set config SMTPDebugIO=3
restart task smtp
restart task router

Great publications in the last days

IBM/HCL just release the following enhancements in the last days:

Domino AppDev Pack 1.0.1 for Linux and NEW: 1.0.1 for Windows

> Link to the official announcement:

IBM Verse on Premises 1.0.7 with the following enhancements:

  • Enhancements to importing internet calendar events
    In this release, you can import internet calendar events from an .ics file that is attached to a mail message, in addition to importing from an .ics file on your computer. Also, using either import method, you can import up to 100 events from one .ics file. The previous limit was 50 events.
  • Original times shown when repeat meetings are rescheduled
    When a repeat meeting is rescheduled, attendees see the original times followed by the new times when they open the reschedule notice.
  • Read messages marked as “Prevent copying” or “Keep Private”
    When IBM® Notes® users and IBM iNotes® users send “private” messages that cannot be copied, IBM Verse® users can now read those messages. Previously, the messages could be read only through Notes or iNotes.
  • Attachment name used as message subject if no subject provided
    If a new message with an attachment doesn’t include a subject, the attachment name (minus the file extension) is used as the subject. If the message has multiple attachments, the first attachment listed is used.
  • Option to download all attachments at once
    When there are multiple attachments in a message, a Download All option is available to download all of them at once. Previously, you had to download each attachment separately.
  • Improved integration of forwarding addresses
    When a person has a forwarding address – used to deliver mail to an external address – the person’s forwarding address and primary directory address can now both be shown.
  • Filter by unread messages after searching
    You can now filter search results to show only unread messages. Previously, you could show unread messages only for the entire Inbox or an entire folder.
  • Clearer prompt to search directory when using typeahead
    When you use typeahead in an addressing field to find names, the prompt to search the directory is clearer.

IBM Domino 10.0.1 FP1

> Link to the downloads:

IBM Notes 10.0.1 FP1

> Link to the downloads:


As mentioned the Language Pack German will be available in the next days.