Installing Domino V11 on CentOS 8.1

If you plan to install Domino V11 on CentOS 8.1 you have to do some steps before because there are some requirements:

Install CentOS 8.1.x ( without any graphical interface – you won´t need it )

  • Install perl
    • To run the Domino console installation you need perl to run it
    • yum install perl
  • I don´t exactly know if the libXp library is also needed ( it was in the last releases ) but I installed it
    • yum install libXp

Afterwards I created the default user und group for the Domino Server:

  • sudo groupadd notes
  • sudo adduser notes
    • To add the user “notes” to the group
      • sudo usermod -g notes notes
  • Set up the notes user to use DOMINO_LINUX_SET_PARMS:
    • # vi /home/notes/.bashrc
    • Add to the end of the file: export DOMINO_LINUX_SET_PARMS=1
  • Update the Security/Limits File:
    • Edit /etc/security/limits.conf using root and add or modify the lines:
      • notes soft nofile 65535
      • notes hard nofile 65535
    • (Use 65535 for 64 bit Linux for both soft and hard limits, per HCL 2019/12.
  • Update SELINUX:
    • $ vi /etc/selinux/config
      Change to SELINUX=disabled and save.

Then you have to check if the firewall is active – you can do this with the following command:

  • firewall-cmd –state
  • If it´s running you can stop and disable it with
    • systemctl firewalld stop
    • systemctl disable firewalld
  • or you have to add the rules for running your Domino V11 server for the required ports
    • 1352
    • 80/443
    • 25
    • 389

Afterwards you just have to install your Domino V11 server, implement the perfect start/stop scripts of Daniel Nashed ( which are extremely well documentated ), configure your Domino server and run a great collaboration tool !!