RoboCopy – Move data with directory exclusion

Today I had the issue to move a complete Domino Directory from one server to another one. Unfortunately I could not work with VM tool to move VMDK files but had to use RoboCopy.

The customer had the request to move the DAOS directory outside the current Domino\Data directory so I had to exclude this directory from the RoboCopy command. With the default Option “/XD directoryname” the exclusion did not work. After some investigation I ended at the following command:

robocopy \\source-IP\d$\Lotus\Domino\Data destination-directory /S /E /R:2 /W:3 /MT:4 /XD “\\source-IP\d$\Lotus\Domino\Data\DAOS”

So it´s not enough to name only the directory but you have to give the complete source folder to the RoboCopy command. A complete listing about the options can be found under this link.

Moving the DAOS store to another location is well documented here.

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