Wrong date/time displayed in calendar entry

Yesterday I had the issue on a single client where the end date of a calendar entry was displayed completely wrong.

Here´s the calendar entry from the meeting chair:


And here´s the invitation from the person who received the invitation:


You can see, that the end date is not 18:00 like requested by the chair. After some investigation we discovered the following issues:

The temporary fields for the Start/End date contain the wrong content and also the following entries can be found in the NOTES.INI of the client:

$CSForwardCurrentCalendarEDT = 25.06.2019 10:00:00
$CSForwardCurrentCalendarSDT = 25.06.2019 09:30:00

It seems that these are temporary entries during creation/modification of the calender entry and which are not being removed during a client crash, …

It´s safe to manually remove these entries – afterwards the Start/End dates are displayed correctly.

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