Option for importing holidays into your HCL Notes calendar from an ICS file

In HCL Notes you have the possibility to import holidays from the Domino Directory where the holidays for each country can be centrally managed. This is a great idea !!

But I receive multiple requests from customers if it´s possible to import holidays from ICS files directly into your HCL Notes Calendar.

If you think that it would be great to have this option feel free to vote for this idea: https://domino-ideas.hcltechsw.com/ideas/NTS-I-1408

Right now I received a helpful hint from Oliver Busse that you can import ICS files not within an action but with the “normal” import function of HCL Notes ( File / Import ) and switch over to Calendar File (.ics ):

Wrong date/time displayed in calendar entry

Yesterday I had the issue on a single client where the end date of a calendar entry was displayed completely wrong.

Here´s the calendar entry from the meeting chair:


And here´s the invitation from the person who received the invitation:


You can see, that the end date is not 18:00 like requested by the chair. After some investigation we discovered the following issues:

The temporary fields for the Start/End date contain the wrong content and also the following entries can be found in the NOTES.INI of the client:

$CSForwardCurrentCalendarEDT = 25.06.2019 10:00:00
$CSForwardCurrentCalendarSDT = 25.06.2019 09:30:00

It seems that these are temporary entries during creation/modification of the calender entry and which are not being removed during a client crash, …

It´s safe to manually remove these entries – afterwards the Start/End dates are displayed correctly.