Import of ICS files with special characters not possible

This week I received the information from a customer that there´s a problem when trying to import ICS files with special characters ( like Ü, .. ) in your Notes calendar. You then receive the following error message:

‘Notes cannot process your file. This URL is not associated with a valid iCalendar feed’ 

There´s a known TechNote regarding this problem:

I pleased HCL to create an Enhancement Request and a new idea for getting this issue fixed has been created:

In the meantime you can solve this issue by either

  • renaming the ICS file ( getting rid of the special characters ) or
  • Drag&Drop the ICS file to your calendar link in the sidebar

Feel free to support the idea 😉


  1. See also: Reported since Domino 8.x, see APAR LO87210: Unable to import an iCalendar file with a # in the name

    So it would be great to have this resolved… I have added to the v11 beta post that this is not a regression but a very old problem.


  2. Yeah, I reported this to the Beta 11 dev forum some time ago. the problem is that users download ics files from internet containing special charactard and get a Notes error. not good. lets hop they fix it.


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