RoboCopy – Move data with directory exclusion

Today I had the issue to move a complete Domino Directory from one server to another one. Unfortunately I could not work with VM tool to move VMDK files but had to use RoboCopy.

The customer had the request to move the DAOS directory outside the current Domino\Data directory so I had to exclude this directory from the RoboCopy command. With the default Option “/XD directoryname” the exclusion did not work. After some investigation I ended at the following command:

robocopy \\source-IP\d$\Lotus\Domino\Data destination-directory /S /E /R:2 /W:3 /MT:4 /XD “\\source-IP\d$\Lotus\Domino\Data\DAOS”

So it´s not enough to name only the directory but you have to give the complete source folder to the RoboCopy command. A complete listing about the options can be found under this link.

Moving the DAOS store to another location is well documented here.

Restore of “DAOSified” mail databases

Some weeks ago I had the issue to restore a mail database in a cluster environment for which DAOS was enabled. I took the following steps:

1. Disable replication on the Mail-/Home server of the user

2. Delete the replica on the cluster server

3. Restore the database on the cluster server

4. Enter the following command on the cluster server tell daosmgr listnlo -o missing.txt MISSING mail/databasename.nsf

5. lo updall mail/databasename.nsf -RX

6. Reenable the replication on the Mail-/Home server of the user

If the database cannot be opened on the Cluster Server, you can run the following commands:

> lo fixup mail/databasename.nsf -F

> lo updall mail/databasename.nsf -RX

Ask the Experts session: Revisiting the Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS) and the DAOS Estimator Tool

Already using DAOS successfully in your environment? Do you wonder if you could better leverage the DAOS feature? We’ll take a brief look at the current DAOS estimator tool and how you can use it to analyze your current DAOS deployment. 

Then, you’ll have plenty of time to ask our panel of experts about any DAOS issue or curiosity you may have.

Throughout the event, attendees will also be encouraged to comment or ask questions in the IBM Connections Meetings Web chat. Join us for this interactive, educational, lively session 


  • Topic: Revisiting DAOS and the DAOS Estimator Tool
  • Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2015
  • Time: 11:00 AM EDT (15:00 UTC/GMT, UTC-4 hours) for 60 minutes

Join the IBM Connections Meeting to view a slide presentation and participate in group web chat:

Web conference password: webcast 

Further informations ( like Dial-In numbers ) can be found here.