Domino 12.x and console messages from the LkMgr

Beginning with Domino 12 you maybe can see a lot of messages from the LkMgr during compact or fixup jobs looking this way:

[13E4:007F-1D88] Lock(Mode=X    LockID(CONTLONGKEY DB=C:\Domino\data\daoscat.nsf RRV=278 len=48 hKey=0xC0184B37 SkipLastDWORD)) countNonIntentLocks = 1 countIntentLocks = 0, queuLength = 0
[13E4:007F-1D88]        Tran=0 Func=N/A x\ehashr6.c:899 [212C:000F-0000000000002170])[13E4:007F-1D88] rm_lkmgr_cpp:2326
[13E4:007F-1D88] index_ehashr6_c:8994
[13E4:007F-1D88] index_ehashr6_c:5742
[13E4:007F-1D88] dbutil_daoscat_c:1039
[13E4:007F-1D88] dbfixup_c:683
[13E4:007F-1D88] dbload_c:1420
[13E4:007F-1D88] dbopen_c:981

In most cases I tried to rebuild the DAOS catalog ( daoscat.nsf ) by shutting down the Domino Server, deleting the database and running a “ndaosmgr rebuild force” but I could see the error messages from the LkMgr also during this process.

For a workaround there´s a fix for HCL Domino 12.0 and also for the newly released 12.0.1. You can get those fixes by opening a case at the HCL Customer Support site.

There are hotfixes available for HCL Domino 12.0 ( Windows, Linux ) and also for HCL Domino 12.0.1 ( Windows, Linux ).

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