Restore of “DAOSified” mail databases

Some weeks ago I had the issue to restore a mail database in a cluster environment for which DAOS was enabled. I took the following steps:

1. Disable replication on the Mail-/Home server of the user

2. Delete the replica on the cluster server

3. Restore the database on the cluster server

4. Enter the following command on the cluster server tell daosmgr listnlo -o missing.txt MISSING mail/databasename.nsf

5. lo updall mail/databasename.nsf -RX

6. Reenable the replication on the Mail-/Home server of the user

If the database cannot be opened on the Cluster Server, you can run the following commands:

> lo fixup mail/databasename.nsf -F

> lo updall mail/databasename.nsf -RX

One comment

  1. Thanks for this!
    I have done it slightly differently… it does depend on the purpose of the restore.
    If the purpose is just to grab some lost/deleted* email(s), then I’ve done it this way:
    1) restore the mail file.
    2) open the the restored file on a client and open Application(Database) properties,
    3) first tab (on left), select “Replication Settings”
    4) Go to the Other tab and select “Temporarily disable replication for this replica”
    5) copy the database a RESTORE folder on the original server
    6) open the file on the server, and you should be able to access everyting, including DAOSified files (since the nsf is on the same server, the references work fine.

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