Calendar entry not displaying notes in HCL Verse 3.x

Today I had the issue that a customer complained that notices on the calendar form keep on loading and loading and you’re not able to create a calendar entry or even display the content of the notes an existing calendar entry.

After some conversation with HCL Support ( which again was working extremely fast in person of Suraj Joshi ) I received the information that the upgrade to HCL Domino 12.0.2 could cause this issue.

A modification of the NOTES.INI setting on the Server from VOP_GK_Feature_168=0 to VOP_GK_Feature_168=1
solved this issue for the customer. As mentioned in the official Defect Article this only occurs when the display language of the browser is set to another language than English.

So you either set the display language of your browser to English or you set the NOTES.INI setting on your Domino Server to VOP_GK_Feature_168=1 ( set config VOP_GK_Feature_168=1 ), restart the HTTP server and then the issue is solved.

As mentioned in the Defect Article the problem will be solved in 12.0.2FP1

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