HCL Notes V12.0.2 and embedded views / UPDATED !!

After migrating a Domino environment to 12.0.2 and upgrading the Notes Clients we could see the following issue. In an application where documents from another application should have been displayed in an embedded view the embedded view was not filled and kept empty.

I received the following information after opening a case:

—> Yes, its know bug in Notes client 12.0.2. This issue has been reported via SPR#PSHECLULWM and is being investigated by HCL Software. Customers can subscribe to this defect article to keep track of updates. It is being Proposed to be fixed in 12.0.2 FP1.


We could not reproduce this issue with 12.0.1FP1. So beware to upgrade your Notes Clients if you use embedded views !!

After creating this blog post I received 2 informations ( thanks to Reid Canavan and John Paganetti ): try to put either one or both entries to the NOTES.INI of your client and restart HCL Notes. this should fix the issue.



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