Update for HCL SafeLinx 1.3 is available

On December 16th HCL released FP2 for HCL SafeLinx 1.3 including the following fixes:

SAFE- 1255: CIDR format support for exempt and remote host allowed access settings in http-services/nomad-web-proxy.
SAFE- 1303: Windows may crash or get in a bad state when SafeLinx is serving Nomad static files. A file close inadvertently closes an open socket with the same descriptor number.
SAFE- 1307: Verse-HA pkt prepend errors on larger responses from hub servers.
SAFE- 1308: Verse-HA blacklisted servers may get assigned at initial login.SAFE- 1312: Verse-HA failover not trying all available servers
SAFE- 1313: HTTP services allow remote address / whitelist setting not working.
SAFE- 1334: Windows only. SL may crash / restart when serving Nomad static files locally and there is network congestion.

You can get the release notes here and you can download FP2 here on FlexNet.

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