Domino 12.0.1 TOTP activation / Lesson learned

Since last week I struggled with activating TOTP on a Domino 12.0.1 server. After the configuration ( which is very well explained here ) I could not get the MFA setup page working.

Yesterday I stopped the Domino Server, renamed the JVM directory, reinstalled the Domino Server but that didn’t help. I could not see the the OSGI framework was loaded. The command “te http osgi ss” did not deliver any output.

Today I went through the NOTES.INI and saw the following entry which is used to disable xPages :


This NOTES.INI entry is preventing the OSGI framework from loading and also Verse on premises is using xPages !! So if you want to enable TOTP authentication for accessing your Domino Server via Web take a look at the NOTES.INI and check if you have this parameter set.

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