HCL Nomad for Web 1.0.3 is available

HCL released the new version of HCL Nomad Web with new features:

  • Language support for Danish (da), Finnish (fi), Norwegian (nb), Turkish (tr).
  • Document printing support. For limitations on document printing, see Limitations.
  • Application switcher.
    Application (app) switcher is an optional, configurable dropdown menu displayed on the left of HCL Nomad for web browsers’ navigation bar. Each app switcher menu entry shows an application icon followed by the application’s name. Clicking on an app switcher menu entry navigates to the corresponding application address in a new browser tab.

    For more information, see Configuring application switcher in the Nomad Administrator documentation.
  • LotusScript NotesGPS class support.
    For more information, see NotesGPS (LotusScript) in the Domino Designer documentation.
  • Tech Preview: Replication.
    This feature will be generally available in a future release, as it relies on a Google Chrome feature that has not been generally released. To enable this feature, follow the steps in Replication.

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