“Enable Alternate From Feature” in shared mail files

With HCL Notes/Domino V12 the new feature “Enable Alternate From” in shared mail files was delivered. But be aware of the following issue:

if your Domino Server is running on Windows be sure to enter the file name with a backslash “\” and if your server is running on Linux use a slash “/”.

The “Open” button is working in both ways but if you try to enable the new feature from within the shared mail file you’ll receive the following error:

If you use the correct character you’re able to enable this feature and will see that you can force the usage of the Internet Address used for all mails sent from this shared mail file:


  1. Hi,
    This issue has been addressed in 12.0.1. But be aware that you must spell the ServerName and FilePath (upper and lower case ) in the Mailin database document exactly as they are, (Ex. server1/ORG is not the same as Server1/ORG) in order to avoid this same error.


  2. I understand that this works also with domino 11 and the database template in v12. I have the same error message but can’t find the problem. My server V11 is working on windows and I have “\”, but the same meessage error


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