HCL Verse 2.2.0 is available on HCL FlexNet

The newest version of HCL Verse 2.2.0 is already waiting to be downloaded on HCL FlexNet. This version contains a lot of new features like

  • Archive and restore messages
  • See Sametime awareness of sender
  • Open archive mail or delegated mail files in PWA
  • Removal of addresses from the type-ahead list
  • Use mail-in databases
  • Find available times for required meeting participants
  • Use new settings to manage your calendar

Take a look at the official documentation to go through the new features and functions.

And there are also some fixes included:

  • When using Download All feature, the downloaded zip sometimes does not include all the attachments
  • Search Directory Results are not shown in typeahead control: VERSE-61228
  • Can’t preview attachments after Connections session timeout: VERSE-61112
  • Domino Photo service is not being used when Connections is configured: VERSE-61069
  • Can’t preview attachment with apostrophy in attachment name: VERSE-61059
  • Cannot import ICS File: Anonymous cannot open database: VERSE-60964
  • Creating new folder in mail rules fails when using ‘space’ key: VERSE-60893
  • Block time appointment changed to private if drag/dropped in calendar grid: VERSE-60884
  • Cannot upload profile photo to Domino if using a non-English Directoy template: VERSE-60856
  • Cannot import ICS file (uid spans multiple lines): VERSE-60419
  • Unable to upload a photo when using Connections: VERSE-61115

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