HCL Traveler and Samsung devices

Today a customer complained about the following issue with Samsung devices:

Traveler is successfully syncing contacts to the device and the contacts are shown correct in the Verse
Contacts app.

But if the users open the contacts app from Android only the names are displayed – no phone numbers,
no mail addressess, …
After some investigation and opening a case at Samsung we received the information that with the latest
security patch from August 1st 2021 this issue will occur. We could see this issue on Galaxy S10 and also
Galaxy S20 devices.

Samsung already has identified this issue and is working on a patch fix.

So maybe it´s safe not to implement the latest security patch.


  1. There are more informations about this issue from HCL. The fix from Samsung doesn’t work at all for the Verse app. But HCL has developed a workaround. You can enter the Beta program and install this workaround. I just have done this and this workaround works for me.




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