Automatically Create Full Text Indizes on Domino Databases

I had the issue that a customer had the requirement to automatically build FTIs
on all mail databases ( what makes sense when you hopefully use VoP ).

After some failed tries I could handle this issue by combining an application to
set the database property for the FTI and with DBMT.

To get this done you have to download the code for the LotusScript agent and
customize the options to your need:

‘FTINDEX_ALL_BREAKS (4) To index sentence And paragraph breaks
‘FTINDEX_ATTACHED_BIN_FILES (16) To index attached files (Binary)
‘FTINDEX_ATTACHED_FILES (1) To index attached files (raw Text)
‘FTINDEX_CASE_SENSITIVE (8) To enable case-sensitive searches
‘FTINDEX_ENCRYPTED_FIELDS (2) To index encrypted fields

Regarding the settings – thx to a hint from Oliver Busse: I modified the agent
with the following settings:

In the security settings I entered the name of the server with the option
“Allow restricted operations”.

Because this agent only can run on databases located on the same server you’ll
have to copy the database to every server you want FTIs created !!

Afterwards a program document running DBMT is automatically creating FTIs
on the databases. In my scenario I only create the FTIs for the mail databases
with the following program document:

Just modify the number of tasks to your settings and you’re done.

One important information ( what I discovered ):
>> on databases with 0 documentsno FTI is created !!

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