HCL Domino SNMP Agent and HCL Domino 11.0.1FP3

I had the issue that after upgrading a Domino Server to 11.0.1FP3 the following
error message was displayed in the server console:

“HCL Domino SNMP agent is not available”

Due to some dependencies the service of the Domino Server was running with a
special AD account while the HCL Domino SNMP Service was running with the
LocalSystem account.

After opening a case at HCL I received the information that there are some
modifications in the security like mentioned in the following TN:

Standalone Domino processes may fail to start on Microsoft Windows

There´s a workaround if you have the request to run your Domino Service as
a special AD user:

1. Please shut down the Domino Server including the service !!

2. Afterwards you have to create a file called “SMAclAccess.ini” where you enter
the credentials you use for the Domino Service. It´s important to safe this file
in the Domino\Data directory in the UNICODE format. The entries in this file
have to look the following way:


3. After creating this file you also can modify the service for the HCL Domino
SNMP Agent to run with this special AD account.

4. Now it´s important to add the following parameter in the NOTES.INI of your

>> SharedMemoryAllowAll=1

5. Now start the HCL Domino Server and the HCL Domino SNMP Agent. You now
should see that the error message is not logged in the Domino Console anymore.

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