Advanced Configuration of Meeting Invitations

Yesterday I had an issue at customer site:


The customer is using Microsoft Teams with their official domain ““. This domain is also used as primary domain in the Global Domain document on their Domino Server. The customer has an optional internet domain ““.

Now we have the following issue: if a user is creating a MS Teams meeting ( with the primary Internet Address “” ) and is adding “” – which is listed in the person document in the User Name – then we see the following entries in the server console:

[188C:000A-248C] 19.11.2020 09:55:31 SMTP Server: connected
[188C:000A-248C] 19.11.2020 09:55:31 SMTP Server: Message 0031075F (MessageID: received from size 23979 bytes
[1BB8:000E-1EA4] 19.11.2020 09:55:32 Router: Message 0031075F, D3F3D117 delivered to FirstName LastName/example from Size: 34K Time: 00:00:00 Hop Count: 1
[188C:000A-248C] 19.11.2020 09:55:36 SMTP Server: disconnected. 1 message[s] received

But when we try to find this document in the mail file of the user we could not find the received document. Also we couldn’t see this incoming document as calendar entry or as meeting invitation.


After opening a case at HCL we received the solution for this issue very fast ( thanks a lot to the HCL support !! ). You have to put the following entry to the NOTES.INI of the Domino Server and afterwards restart the server:


Then the meeting invitation is delivered and shown in the in box.
There´s also an official TechNote:

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