Domino Query Language for Domino v11 in Action – Replay available

Last week there was a great webinar about the enhancements of Domino Query Language ( DQL ) for Domino V11.

Now the replay is available here and you can watch the possibilities of this great feature. You also can view the Q´s & A´s from the webinar here.

But what are the enhancements made in V11 ? Well, there are a lot, but here are the most important ones:

  • V11 contains operators ( FTSEARCH )
    • In V10 you could only search a Domino database by view or by NSF
    • In V11 you also can search over the FTSEARCH via CONTAINS
    • Of course this option requires a FullText Index
    • Take a look at the examples

GoToWebinar 001

  • V11 DQL View Traversal Optimization
    • With a better performance ( 2-5x faster than V10 !! ) DQL becomes a great opportunity

DQLV11 performance


Feel free to use this new feature in your Domino environment. It´s great !!!

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