Domino Query Language for Domino v11 in Action – Replay available

Last week there was a great webinar about the enhancements of Domino Query Language ( DQL ) for Domino V11.

Now the replay is available here and you can watch the possibilities of this great feature. You also can view the Q´s & A´s from the webinar here.

But what are the enhancements made in V11 ? Well, there are a lot, but here are the most important ones:

  • V11 contains operators ( FTSEARCH )
    • In V10 you could only search a Domino database by view or by NSF
    • In V11 you also can search over the FTSEARCH via CONTAINS
    • Of course this option requires a FullText Index
    • Take a look at the examples

GoToWebinar 001

  • V11 DQL View Traversal Optimization
    • With a better performance ( 2-5x faster than V10 !! ) DQL becomes a great opportunity

DQLV11 performance


Feel free to use this new feature in your Domino environment. It´s great !!!

Webinar: Domino Query Language for Domino v11 in Action

HCL is offering a Webinar about DQL in Domino V11 with the following content:

With v11, Domino Query Language (DQL) completed its consolidation of all means of searching Domino data, using full-text indices. We will discuss and demonstrate this and other vital enhancements in this session. We will also workshop problems solved in a Collabsphere 2019 session that will show as Lotusscript agent code, so DQL can be seen in action. Lastly, the expansive future of DQL will be presented in some detail in the context of programming models and business problems it can be used to address.

Feel free and register for this great Webinar to see the options you have with DQL V11:

DQL Explorer availaible on OpenNTF

During IBM Think Luis presented the DQL Explorer which helps

  • Business users have access to Domino data like never before.
  • Developers to understand their queries before even opening the Designer
  • Administrators to understand the impact on the Domino servers (if any)

Now the DQL Explorer is available on OpenNTF and you can download this great tool here:


Learn Domino Query Language

One of the new features in Domino V10 is DQL which allows you to access Domino data using SQL. Darren Cacy presented this new feature with some examples and also the prereq’s.

But Darren also showed when NOT to use DQL:

For using DQL in your environment you should follow the following tips:

Usage of terms and booleans

Usage of the language to access data from a Domino database

  • Fulltext Indexing of a Domino database is not necessary for better performance !
  • No sort functions available with DQL – therefore you have to use other tools ( Node.JS for example )
  • Design Catalog has to exist on the Domino Server which is currently not automatically created !!!
  • Currently there’s no security available in DQL – this is a feature for the future and is coming with IAM

Here’s an example how to use DQL:

So DQL is a great feature when you have to access Domino databases for displaying a small result set in any frontend via Node.JS. Get additional information about this new feature in the “Getting started-lab” using the following link: