Domino V10.0.1 – Symmetrical cluster configuration… May the journey continue

This week I migrated a Domino 9 environment to new Operating Systems, migrated them to V10.0.1 and everything ran fine.

Today I tried to activate the new feature “Symmetrical Cluster” and ran into another problem. Of course I also did this little customization ( ) but when trying to start the “RepairCleanup” task I received the following error message on the server console:

lo RepairCleanup

OSGetModuleHandle failed
Repair Cleanup started
Repair Cleanup shutdown

Any idea what´s causing this error message ?? I already opened a case and hopefully will receive a quick solution.


  1. Hello Rainer
    do you have a similar thread for Domino 11 Symetrical Cluster as well?

    I discovered that RepairCleanup Task is no longer working and available in Domino 11
    On Windows Servers Tast and the correspondig executable is not RprCleanup (nrprcleanup.exe)

    There seams to be no automatic replacement during Domino 11 Update.

    The good news in Domino 11 repair list missing is now working even if you have installed German Language Pack.

    Regards Rainer


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