Domino Symmetrical Cluster and Directory Links

One issue I just saw during a Domino V10.0.1 migration ( Domino Server 10.0.1 FP1 with the new German Language Pack ):

the customer has a directory link file called “mail.dir” file located in the DATA directory which points to another disk:


There all new mail databases are created. I now activated the RepairCleanup task and the “repaired” ( because not existing mail databases ) have been successfully created from the cluster member, but not in the directory from the directory link. Instead of the directory from the Directory Link, a new directory “mail” was created in the DATA directory:

01_New directory mail
Here´s the excerpt from the CONSOLE.LOG:
[12CC:0056-11B4] REPAIR: 29.04.2019 18:01:57 Job-00004.1 *Kopieren* – mail\ghinterh.nsf von CN=SERVER-HUB2/O=CUSTOMER/C=AT
[12CC:0056-11B4] REPAIR: 29.04.2019 18:07:26 Job-00004.2 *Kopieren abgeschlossen* – mail\ghinterh.nsf von CN=SERVER-HUB2/O=CUSTOMER/C=AT
[12CC:0056-11B4] REPAIR: 29.04.2019 18:07:26 Job-00004.3 *Post Process* – Repaired – File mail\ghinterh.nsf CN=SERVER-HUB2/O=CUSTOMER/C=AT!mail\ghinterh.nsf [E:\Domino\Data\mail\R2034348.TMP]
[12CC:0056-11B4] Clearing DBIID BC025AEB for DB E:\Domino\Data\mail\R2034348.TMP
[12CC:0056-11B4] REPAIR: 29.04.2019 18:07:26 Job-00004.4 *DAOS scannen* – Scannen von 684 DAOS-Objekten für mail\ghinterh.nsf [E:\Domino\Data\mail\R2034348.TMP]
[12CC:0056-11B4] REPAIR: 29.04.2019 18:07:30 Job-00004.5 *Repariert* – mail\ghinterh.nsf Erfolgreich repariert
02_Newly created databases from the Repair Task
The mail file is not listed in the directory from the directory link:
02_Missing database in the directory from the directory link
So it seems that the the RepairCleanup does not respect directory links. I now changed the cluster symmetry to only log missing or corrupt files in the log and will open a case.
If you can also see this problem you can refer to case number TS002195477.
Today I received the information that this issue has been proposed to be fixed in Domino V10.0.1 FP2.

SOLVED: Domino V10.0.1 – Symmetrical cluster configuration… May the journey continue

2 days ago I posted this blog entry about the new feature of “Symmetrical Cluster” in Domino V10 ( ).

After opening a case I received the information that the “RepairCleanup” task only is running when there´s something to repair. During my V10.0.1 migration last week the RepairCleanup task I started via the ServerTasks entry in the NOTES.INI started right after the restart of the Domino server.

It is simply explained because there have been defect databases or the cluster was not in symmetry ( was this tool was made for… ).

During the migration this week the cluster was running fine and no databases had to be repaired why the RepairCleanup task shutdown after some seconds.

Today I received the information from the Support Team that it´s recommended to add the “RepairCleanup” task to the NOTES.INI ( for a repair of defect or “out of sync” cluster databases during startup ) AND also create a program document for a scheduled run of the “RepairCleanup” task like this:

( on a Windows server use “nserver” in the Program Name field )

Maybe the documentation should be updated because you cannot find the information that this is not only recommended but mandatory…

Domino V10.0.1 – Symmetrical cluster configuration… May the journey continue

This week I migrated a Domino 9 environment to new Operating Systems, migrated them to V10.0.1 and everything ran fine.

Today I tried to activate the new feature “Symmetrical Cluster” and ran into another problem. Of course I also did this little customization ( ) but when trying to start the “RepairCleanup” task I received the following error message on the server console:

lo RepairCleanup

OSGetModuleHandle failed
Repair Cleanup started
Repair Cleanup shutdown

Any idea what´s causing this error message ?? I already opened a case and hopefully will receive a quick solution.

Sync database quotas between servers

Today I again had the issue, that Database Quotas have not been synced between IBM Domino Cluster servers. After some search, I found the following post:

I did some modifications in the code and ran the agent with the Server ID and scheduled the agent one time a day… So far it´s looking fine…

You can download the database here: