IBM Domino 10.0.1 FP2 available

Yesterday HCL/IBM released FP2 for the latest IBM Domino Release 10.0.1. There are some important notes regarding this FP2:

  • Windows 2019 – 10.0.1 FP2 adds support for Windows 2019 on the Domino Server
  • Change of Fix Packs and Hotfixes for 10.0.1 compared to 9.0.1
  • Beginning with Notes/Domino 10.0.1, HCL & IBM will ship frequent “Fix Packs” (FP) to improve the overall quality of releases deployed by customers. These Fix Packs will be provided for all platforms for all future release streams (e.g. 10.0.1, 11.0, etc…). The FPs will include:
    • All updates from previous FP of same feature release stream
    • Any hot fix “proven” since the last FP
    • Selected high-quality fixes using Interim Fix (IF) selection criteria in use today
    • Security patches including JVM updates
  • Fix Packs will not include:
    • New Features unless disabled by default
    • Translation fixes
    • Template changes that would conflict with language kits. (This FP includes autocat.ntf and Forms9.nsf)

And of course a lot of with the following patches included:

SPR# RKHAB7TAFZ – Fixed a problem where copy and paste of a Notes table containing doclinks resulted in the doclinks disappearing in a draft when using “Copy Selected as Table” in html format.
SPR# CSAOBAU7NB – Fixed a display issue where Japanese six day secondary calendar was not displaying from Jan 6, 2019 onwards.
SPR#TSAOB4GCDH – Added support for new Japanese Era (Reiwa). This is documented under Technote #0880879.
+SPR# KKOOB9E3KD – Admin Client – The icon for ID Vault tools section in the People and Configuration tabs of the admin client was missing. This has been corrected. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
+SPR# SOKEB7KJBB – Admin Client – Fixed a problem where HTTPPassword field choice was missing from xACL UI. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
+SPR# MSKAB9YPCC – Admin Client – Previously the Smart Upgrade tool could not be launched from the admin client. The workaround was to open the database directly. This has been corrected. This regression was introduced in 8.0.
+SPR# ASHEB9ZF6Y – Designer: Fixed a problem where the last saved working set was not shown on the next opening of the Designer. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10.
+SPR# GFALB2AHG6 – Designer – Fixed a problem where the Short Cut keys were not working in LotusScript editor. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10.
+SPR# MAVAB8EQWP – XPages – Fixed a problem where an error of ‘No component found’ was happening with ID $$ajaxid=@none to handle the partial page update. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
+SPR# SVROB65556 – Fixed a problem where Group tab documents sometimes show blank window. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10.
+SPR# RRENB97MT6 – Fixed a problem in the translate Mac client where the IBM Notes drop down menu was showing a mix of english and the translated language. This regression was introduced in 10.0.1.
+SPR# SNIRBA28VD – Fixed a Notes client crash that occurred when opening Preferences -> Fonts, Colors and Themes panel repeatedly. This regression was introduced in 10.0.

SPR# JCUSB9MKXF – Fixed a problem with DomQuery.exe where the thousand’s separator wasn’t being handled correctly if locale had period for the separator char. Now no longer treats numbers as being locale based.
SPR# JCORBB2KWU – Fixed a problem where NotesHTTPRequest was unable to support a String arg greater than 64K in a Post or Put request.
SPR# DCONB8VMAV – LotusScript – Fixed a problem where NotesJSONNavigator was unable to parse json content that was greater than 64K.
SPR# JJOEAJ5S9Z – LotusScript – Fixed a problem in NotesRichTextNavigator – BeginInsert method where error message ‘Error: Position is not valid. On Line..’.
SPR# KHORB6FRV6 – LotusScript – Fixed a crash in NotesDocument.ReplaceItemValue when invalid input arguments were sent in.
SPR# PALTB8ANZN – LotusScript – Fixed a problem in NotesSession ConvertMime where temporary files were being created in the wrong directory at times.
SPR# ASHEB95LFR – LotusScript – Fixed a problem where NotesJSONNavigator was unable to navigate a string which contained new lines and carriage returns.
SPR# DCONBB2KNR – LotusScript – Fixed a problem in NotesJSONNavigator package parsing when parsing empty strings.
SPR# DCONBB44T4 – LotusScript – Fixed a crash when using Session.createJSONNavigator.
SPR# JCUSB83QUF – DQL: Fixed a problem where running updall -e against a database with a default view defined (no selection criteria, no columns) would fail to run. The design will now be successfully cataloged for DQL.
SPR# JCUSB8HMLE – DQL: Fixed a problem where DQL query terms that begin with single quote and many that have embedded quotes weren’t handled correctly.
SPR# JCUSBA8HVP – DQL: Fixed a crash when doing load domquery -? command. Help text will now be output.
SPR# JCORB7ENX8 – DQL: Fixed a problem where DominoQuery class allowed for only a small number of Documents or View Entries to be scanned. Now MaxScanDocs and MaxScanEntries properties are Longs, allowing for many more.
SPR# JCUSB97QL5 – DQL: Fixed a problem where precedence order of terms was not being honored. ANDs are now applied before the ORs.
SPR# JCUSB9DQEE – DQL: Fixed a problem where an IN clause following an OR or an AND would result in a compile error.
SPR# JCUSBA7LMW – DQL: Fixed a problem where time-only comparisons were not working correctly. Example: TimeDateFixed = @dt(’20:03:51.3900′) will now find correct results, performing NSF scans to do so.
SPR# JCUSBBGNS6 – DQL: Fixed a problem where DQL syntax error messages cited bad view names when it was actually the column name that was erroneous (e.g. ‘myview’.badcolumn = ).
SPR# JCUSBBWNL9 – DQL: DQL queries with datetime substitution variables from the domino-db Javascript API can now use substitution values within the @dt construct, since only strings can be sent as substitution variables (e.g. mydatetime > @dt(?mysubvar).
SPR# SRSOB8MPTY – DQL: The maxdoc parameter used to limit query processing will only count each NSF-scanned document once instead of once per query term.
SPR# JFORB9BQXN – Server shutdowns when the Proton task is running will now no longer hang waiting for long-running DQL queries to complete.
SPR# DCONB8F6JV – Fixed a problem where LotusScript NotesJsonArray was returning an error when process non ascii characters.

SPR# DKENAJTT67 – IDVault – Changed default to allow unlimited ID file downloads from ID Vault when SAML authentication to the Vault is used.
SPR# MSKABA2HNL – When managing ID vault password reset authorities in the Domino Administration client an internal 64k limit was being reached that prevented more users being added. This has now been corrected.
SPR# RPAIBALM9B – IDVault – Increase new Vault trust certificates to be good for 25 years instead of 10 years.
SPR# TKAAB649CX – Fixed a problem with the collecting schedule for statistics report so that the event generators will only be read/updated if the configuration database has actually changed. It was previously being re-read due to other configuration update logic and that was causing the schedule to be unnecessarily updated.
+SPR# JPAIBBYRUG – Fixed an issue where database is marked corrupt when going through restart recovery prior to any transaction logs applied. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
SPR# SWASB9ZQ7P – Fixed a problem where a database created with .ns10 extension had the default ods instead of ods 53.
SPR# SOKEB8YJAR – Fixed an error where database open failed incorrectly complaining that a consistency check was required.
SPR# DCKTBAXKVG – Fixed problem preventing a DECS Connection from being created for OLE databases.
SPR# TKAAB77B3Q – Changes to Domino server event generators (enabled/disable) were not being picked up promptly. The work-around was to restart the event task. This has been fixed.
SPR# YDEN8RREMN – Add notes.ini controlled setting (ENFORCE_ADMIN_PASSWORD_SYNC=1) to honor the security policy setting of lockdown of the sync internet password with the Notes password.
SPR# GRHEB8YG4K – Fixed a problem where compact -c -ZU and -ZD failed when attempting to recompress DAOS objects.
SPR# PALTB4XPVV – Fixed a problem where the Java Document class convertToMime method returned an error on calendar events that had incomplete CD tables.
SPR# JDFUB6S5MH – Fixed a Domino server hang condition due to a semaphore deadlock.
SPR# JPMS83PJL3 – Fixed an intermittent router crash with corrupt stack.
SPR# HPRHBA2FVP – Fixed a problem where the Domino server would crash with error Insufficient memory – NSF folder pool is full.
SPR# MGANBBGKED – Fixes a potential server crash in Domino Statistics Publishing
SPR# HYZGB6KA5S – Fixed a Domino Server crash in Router when deleting the existing database due to a concurrency issue between database delete and database open.
SPR# NBFOBAH73Y – Fixed an issue that could cause an extra CRLF to be appended to text file attachments sent via SMTP.
SPR# MNGAB89LXA – Fixed a Domino server crash that could occur during compact of a NIFNSF enabled db.
SPR# PKURBBADKV – Fix an issue when publishing Domino statistics to New Relic that have a backslash character, such as those created when View Usage feature is enabled.
SPR# BSPRB9WL29 – Replication – Added logging to detect a replication formula note which specifies NO notes classes to replicate.
SPR# SWASAEXPSC – Fixed an error when running compact -replica where idtable full issue was not fixed due to stub/ghost notes not being correctly handled.
SPR# OABAB6VL65 – Fixed a potential rare CD to Mime conversion crash in RenderNoteEnum when routing a message over SMTP.
SPR# MKENB5KHX4 – LSXBE backend code is not aware of new SAML configurations for the web server.
SPR# CTSI8T4SRZ – LSXBE – Fixed a possible dead lock on a null semaphore where the semaphore was deleted then used by the LSXBE classes.
SPR# JCORB3WJSW – HTTP Server – fixed a hang that occurred when server was doing many FTSearches and FTUpdates on multiple worker threads.
+SPR# MSAHB8778L – HTTP Server: Fixed a problem where multiple lines of a rich text paragraph were not correctly hidden even if “Hide Paragraph” is enabled. This regression was introduced in 9.0.
SPR# KKRYB88KGA – Fixed a crash where LDAP would crash with ERROR – LockMemHandle() Handle 0xC0180478 is not allocated.
SPR# CSPA8EX62N – Fixed a memory leak that occurred when loading Add-in task and then free it using EventQueueFree. The Event Pool was not being freed.
SPR# MCAL9XDQGN – Improved IMAP performance.
SPR# MHAN95ALMN – IMAP Server – Provide a new notes.ini – IMAPCopyMessageLimit=n – to limit the number of messages that can be copied in one IMAP command. This is to prevent a transaction log file full condition.
SPR# JDTFAPE9XN – Fixed a problem where a “bad” IMAPsearch can hang a thread. The fix leverages a timeout on search via the notes.ini variables DEBUG_IMAPSEARCH_TIMEOUT_SECONDS and DEBUG_IMAPSEARCH_TIMEOUT_MINUTES where you specific timeout in either seconds or minutes for IMAP search. Also have DEBUG_IMAPSEARCH_TIMEOUT_VERBOSE notes.ini variable where when set to 1 will print out debug if the timeout is enabled and a search exceeds it.
+SPR# CEMABAVNMT – SMTP Import – Fixed a rare intermittent issue where an inbound MIME message’s To: or CC: headers were being dropped during SMTP import processing. This regression was introduced in 9.0.

SPR# KKOOB23DGD – iNotes – Fixed a problem on IE where an extra line spacing will no longer appear when hitting the Enter key within the signature.
SPR# PPRTB7DFW6 – iNotes – Added new ini setting, iNotes_WA_ReplyToAll_RemoveSentBy=0, to allow option to override removal of sentby from cclist on replyall.
SPR# SKUEB979RR – iNotes – Fixed a problem where routing path was not being appended from the FromDomain. Routing domains will now remain if iNotes_WA_NoOptimizeLocalRouting is set.
SPR# JKEYB7MM59 – iNotes – Fixed a problem that snoozed alarm notifications did not appear at the expected time if multiple alarms with the same alarm time were continuously snoozed with same snooze time.
SPR# JKEYB7MMCW – iNotes – Fixed a problem that some of the alarm notifications did not appear if the user did not close the previous alarm notification and multiple alarms are processed.
SPR# RCFEBALJSB – iNotes – Fixed a problem where hitting ‘p’ (lowercase ‘p’) on the keyboard doesn’t work as expected on Firefox 66.
SPR# NNAIB7DA27 – iNotes – Fixed an issue in Internet Explorer 11: If the default editor for mail is plain text, then choosing insert signature from the More menu inserts more blank lines than when it is automatically added when composing a new mail.

Domino Symmetrical Cluster and Directory Links

One issue I just saw during a Domino V10.0.1 migration ( Domino Server 10.0.1 FP1 with the new German Language Pack ):

the customer has a directory link file called “mail.dir” file located in the DATA directory which points to another disk:


There all new mail databases are created. I now activated the RepairCleanup task and the “repaired” ( because not existing mail databases ) have been successfully created from the cluster member, but not in the directory from the directory link. Instead of the directory from the Directory Link, a new directory “mail” was created in the DATA directory:

01_New directory mail
Here´s the excerpt from the CONSOLE.LOG:
[12CC:0056-11B4] REPAIR: 29.04.2019 18:01:57 Job-00004.1 *Kopieren* – mail\ghinterh.nsf von CN=SERVER-HUB2/O=CUSTOMER/C=AT
[12CC:0056-11B4] REPAIR: 29.04.2019 18:07:26 Job-00004.2 *Kopieren abgeschlossen* – mail\ghinterh.nsf von CN=SERVER-HUB2/O=CUSTOMER/C=AT
[12CC:0056-11B4] REPAIR: 29.04.2019 18:07:26 Job-00004.3 *Post Process* – Repaired – File mail\ghinterh.nsf CN=SERVER-HUB2/O=CUSTOMER/C=AT!mail\ghinterh.nsf [E:\Domino\Data\mail\R2034348.TMP]
[12CC:0056-11B4] Clearing DBIID BC025AEB for DB E:\Domino\Data\mail\R2034348.TMP
[12CC:0056-11B4] REPAIR: 29.04.2019 18:07:26 Job-00004.4 *DAOS scannen* – Scannen von 684 DAOS-Objekten für mail\ghinterh.nsf [E:\Domino\Data\mail\R2034348.TMP]
[12CC:0056-11B4] REPAIR: 29.04.2019 18:07:30 Job-00004.5 *Repariert* – mail\ghinterh.nsf Erfolgreich repariert
02_Newly created databases from the Repair Task
The mail file is not listed in the directory from the directory link:
02_Missing database in the directory from the directory link
So it seems that the the RepairCleanup does not respect directory links. I now changed the cluster symmetry to only log missing or corrupt files in the log and will open a case.
If you can also see this problem you can refer to case number TS002195477.
Today I received the information that this issue has been proposed to be fixed in Domino V10.0.1 FP2.

Requirements for new features in IBM Notes 10

There´s a small summary about “What´s needed for the new features in Notes/Domino V10 and V10.0.1”:

GENERAL FEATURES Standard or Basic config Minimum Notes version Minimum Domino version Minimum ODS level Minimum template version
Create a one-time signature at the time you reply to or forward a message . (Introduced in 10.0.1) Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf
New workspace look Both V10 N/A N/A N/A
Custom color themes Standard V10 N/A N/A N/A
Application user interface enhancements Both V10 N/A N/A N/A
Touch screen on Windows Tablet Standard V10 N/A N/A N/A
Collapsible left navigator Standard V10.0.1 N/A N/A N/A
Quick contacts Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf
pernames.ntf (10.0)
More accurate results when searching attachments Both V10 N/A N/A N/A
Updated import and export file types Both V10 N/A N/A N/A
Images in web tables look better when copied Both V10 N/A N/A N/A
Some preferences now enabled by default Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf
By Sender mail view Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf
Schedule when messages are delivered Both V10 V10 N/A mail10.ntf
Keep multiple forwarded messages separate Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf
Second signature for replying and forwarding Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf
Delegate can archive with editor access Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf
Improved send mail errors and warnings Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf
Larger Junk Mail Senders List Both V10 N/A N/A mai10.ntf
STARTTTLS support for Notes client SMTP connections Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf
Upgrade more mail file folders at one time Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf
Allow meeting attendees to invite others Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf
Delegate calendar but not contacts Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf
Apply Senders Colors to meetings Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf
Add calendar categories and assign colors at the same time Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf
Copy Into New – Calendar Entry copies online meeting details Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf
Improved calendar interoperability with Outlook Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf
Calendar overlay improvements Standard V10 N/A N/A N/A
Team calendar Both V10 N/A N/A mail10.ntf

SOLVED: Domino V10.0.1 – Symmetrical cluster configuration… May the journey continue

2 days ago I posted this blog entry about the new feature of “Symmetrical Cluster” in Domino V10 ( ).

After opening a case I received the information that the “RepairCleanup” task only is running when there´s something to repair. During my V10.0.1 migration last week the RepairCleanup task I started via the ServerTasks entry in the NOTES.INI started right after the restart of the Domino server.

It is simply explained because there have been defect databases or the cluster was not in symmetry ( was this tool was made for… ).

During the migration this week the cluster was running fine and no databases had to be repaired why the RepairCleanup task shutdown after some seconds.

Today I received the information from the Support Team that it´s recommended to add the “RepairCleanup” task to the NOTES.INI ( for a repair of defect or “out of sync” cluster databases during startup ) AND also create a program document for a scheduled run of the “RepairCleanup” task like this:

( on a Windows server use “nserver” in the Program Name field )

Maybe the documentation should be updated because you cannot find the information that this is not only recommended but mandatory…

Domino V10.0.1 – Symmetrical cluster configuration… May the journey continue

This week I migrated a Domino 9 environment to new Operating Systems, migrated them to V10.0.1 and everything ran fine.

Today I tried to activate the new feature “Symmetrical Cluster” and ran into another problem. Of course I also did this little customization ( ) but when trying to start the “RepairCleanup” task I received the following error message on the server console:

lo RepairCleanup

OSGetModuleHandle failed
Repair Cleanup started
Repair Cleanup shutdown

Any idea what´s causing this error message ?? I already opened a case and hopefully will receive a quick solution.

Delete Person process fails on Delete Person in Domino Directory request

Regarding an IBM Technote there´s an issue when deleting a person from the Domino Directory via an AdminP request by selecting “Delete the mail database on the user’s home server” and the option “Delete mail replicas on all others server”.

There are 2 workaround mentioned in the TechNote:

1) Restore the person document from backup and re-delete them without checking the “other replicas” option or

2) Use the “Add Person” form action to add a ‘stub’ person (i.e. do not register the user).  Putting in the user name and mail file info (Domain, mail server, mail file) and then re-deleting them without checking the “other replicas” option.  Both options require that any other replicas of the mail file have to be deleted manually.

“Symmetrical cluster” feature in Domino V10+ with Language Pack German / UPDATE !!!

After some investigation and a great hint from HCL in person of Andre Guirard this issue can easily be solved by adding a second alias to the view


You have to add the replace the existing alias “ClusterConfigurations” with the following alias:

ClusterConfigurations|Server\Cluster Configurations

Don´t care, that only the last alias is displayed in the Designer view:


After adding the second alias and replacing the desing everything is running fine with the German LP.