“Symmetrical cluster” feature in Domino V10+ with Language Pack German

Yesterday I migrated a clustered Domino environment to V10.0.1 and activated the new feature of “AutoRepair” and “RepairCleanup” like it´s documented in the official documentation by adding the following NOTES.INI settings:

  • ServerTasks=….,AutoRepair,RepairCleanup

I was a little bit nervous about the following error messages in the console:

[029161:000002-00007FE0543EA740] REPARATUR: Reparaturaufruf mit folgendem Fehler fehlgeschlagen: Entry not found in index

After some investigation and opening a case I replaced the design of the NAMES.NSF with a “Default” PUBNAMES.NTF instead the one from the german Language Pack and now this feature is running fine !!

sh ta

[018186:000009-00007F2986F5B700] Task Description

[018186:000009-00007F2986F5B700] Automatic Repair Repairing files as needed

So maybe not only the German client has to be reviewed 😉

Also check the update and how to easily solve this problem:



  1. Hi Andre,

    thanks for this hint. So the alias looking this way would be correct:

    ClusterConfigurations|Server\Cluster Configurations

    Could you please confirm ? Thanks a lot


  2. Try adding the alias „Server\Cluster Configurations“ to the view whose alias is „ClusterConfigurations“ (so it will have two aliases). I think that will fix the problem. A fix is in the works here.


  3. You should check again, if the „entry not found in index“ is really LP related. I had opened a case with HCL, where I got the same message. The reason was, that I temporarily removed one server from the cluster.
    Answer from HCL support : “ This message comes as Auto Repair feature works only in clustered environment , however you have removed one server from cluster which means servers are now standalone. This is working as designed.“
    I doubt that this is related to a translated string.


    • Hi Uli,
      I rechecked ( no server was removed from the cluster configuration ) – but the problem was gone by simply replacing the design of the Domino Directory with the pubnames.ntf from the English installation. No further server restart, …

      So for my opinion there´s a strange relation to the German LP.


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