Domino Symmetrical Cluster and Directory Links

One issue I just saw during a Domino V10.0.1 migration ( Domino Server 10.0.1 FP1 with the new German Language Pack ):

the customer has a directory link file called “mail.dir” file located in the DATA directory which points to another disk:


There all new mail databases are created. I now activated the RepairCleanup task and the “repaired” ( because not existing mail databases ) have been successfully created from the cluster member, but not in the directory from the directory link. Instead of the directory from the Directory Link, a new directory “mail” was created in the DATA directory:

01_New directory mail
Here´s the excerpt from the CONSOLE.LOG:
[12CC:0056-11B4] REPAIR: 29.04.2019 18:01:57 Job-00004.1 *Kopieren* – mail\ghinterh.nsf von CN=SERVER-HUB2/O=CUSTOMER/C=AT
[12CC:0056-11B4] REPAIR: 29.04.2019 18:07:26 Job-00004.2 *Kopieren abgeschlossen* – mail\ghinterh.nsf von CN=SERVER-HUB2/O=CUSTOMER/C=AT
[12CC:0056-11B4] REPAIR: 29.04.2019 18:07:26 Job-00004.3 *Post Process* – Repaired – File mail\ghinterh.nsf CN=SERVER-HUB2/O=CUSTOMER/C=AT!mail\ghinterh.nsf [E:\Domino\Data\mail\R2034348.TMP]
[12CC:0056-11B4] Clearing DBIID BC025AEB for DB E:\Domino\Data\mail\R2034348.TMP
[12CC:0056-11B4] REPAIR: 29.04.2019 18:07:26 Job-00004.4 *DAOS scannen* – Scannen von 684 DAOS-Objekten für mail\ghinterh.nsf [E:\Domino\Data\mail\R2034348.TMP]
[12CC:0056-11B4] REPAIR: 29.04.2019 18:07:30 Job-00004.5 *Repariert* – mail\ghinterh.nsf Erfolgreich repariert
02_Newly created databases from the Repair Task
The mail file is not listed in the directory from the directory link:
02_Missing database in the directory from the directory link
So it seems that the the RepairCleanup does not respect directory links. I now changed the cluster symmetry to only log missing or corrupt files in the log and will open a case.
If you can also see this problem you can refer to case number TS002195477.
Today I received the information that this issue has been proposed to be fixed in Domino V10.0.1 FP2.

“Symmetrical cluster” feature in Domino V10+ with Language Pack German / UPDATE !!!

After some investigation and a great hint from HCL in person of Andre Guirard this issue can easily be solved by adding a second alias to the view


You have to add the replace the existing alias “ClusterConfigurations” with the following alias:

ClusterConfigurations|Server\Cluster Configurations

Don´t care, that only the last alias is displayed in the Designer view:


After adding the second alias and replacing the desing everything is running fine with the German LP.

“Symmetrical cluster” feature in Domino V10+ with Language Pack German

Yesterday I migrated a clustered Domino environment to V10.0.1 and activated the new feature of “AutoRepair” and “RepairCleanup” like it´s documented in the official documentation by adding the following NOTES.INI settings:

  • ServerTasks=….,AutoRepair,RepairCleanup

I was a little bit nervous about the following error messages in the console:

[029161:000002-00007FE0543EA740] REPARATUR: Reparaturaufruf mit folgendem Fehler fehlgeschlagen: Entry not found in index

After some investigation and opening a case I replaced the design of the NAMES.NSF with a “Default” PUBNAMES.NTF instead the one from the german Language Pack and now this feature is running fine !!

sh ta

[018186:000009-00007F2986F5B700] Task Description

[018186:000009-00007F2986F5B700] Automatic Repair Repairing files as needed

So maybe not only the German client has to be reviewed 😉

Also check the update and how to easily solve this problem: