IBM Domino V10.0.1 Migration / PUBNAMES.NTF

Yesterday I moved a Domino infrastructure to a new OS with a combined migration of the Domino environment to IBM Domino 10.0.1 including Notes Traveler, iQ.Suite and Language Pack German.

No problems occured – everything ran fine.

Today I implemented a Team Calendar and found out that there´s a bug in the PUBNAMES.NTF in the form “Mail-In-Database”. In the button “Open database” the following formula is included:

@Command([FileOpenDatabase]; MailServer; MailFile )

with a semicolon between MailServer and MailFile

Therefore the hotspot button is not working, because the correct syntax should be:

@Command([FileOpenDatabase]; MailServer:MailFile )

with a colon between MailServer and Mailfile

After this little correction and a “lo design -f names.nsf” the hotspot button also worked fine.


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