IBM Notes Client V10.0.1 german

Due to investigation of some users ( Uli Krause delivered a very good summary ) there are some issues with the “STRG” functions in the Notes V10.0.1 client German. Some of the functions are either not working or working very slow.

The download of the this client has been withdrawn from Partnerworld at the moment but I assume that HCL is working on this issues with high pressure !!

I don´t think that there are issues in the Language Pack for Domino V10.0.1 but there´s a recommendation not to install the V10.0.1 client German at the moment.

One comment

  1. Hello:
    If I switch my German Notes 10.0.1 to Englich, all „Ctrl + „ commands are working as expected.

    Problems if I’m on German:
    Ctrl + E -> is working
    Ctrl + D -> is working sometimes
    Ctrl + O -> is not working
    Ctrl + M -> is working sometimes
    Ctrl + N -> is working


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