IBM Branding Insights


I received a few notes and pings on our announcements last week, and one of the most popular comments was on the branding changes to some of our social business capabilities.   I wanted to take a few minutes to provide clarity on what we announced and what it means to the market.

The primary change is to include the key social business capabilities under one brand, IBM Connections.   This change will provide clear direction to customers who are interested in buying a suite of capabilities from IBM.

The key capabilities of the Connections family would include:
  • IBM Connections (including files, profiles, activities, wikis, forums, etc)
  • IBM Connections Docs
  • IBM Connections Chat
  • IBM Connections Meetings
  • IBM Connections Mail (including mail, calendar, contacts, etc)
  • IBM Connections Content Manager
  • and more

There are also archiving and compliance offerings, along with application development tool kits that are key parts to the story.

All of these capabilities work together today and the branding changes do a better job of highlighting the interoperability of each as part of a broader family.   IBM Notes & Domino will not be re-branded as part of this announcement but would be re-branded as IBM Mail Next comes to market.   That is, IBM is considering two packaging options for IBM Mail Next:

  1. As a part of the Connections family, where IBM Mail Next would likely be branded as IBM Connections Mail, replacing the current mail app in Connections.
  2. Stand alone – Where IBM Mail Next would likely be available as a stand-alone messaging offering. 

Of note, IBM Mail Next will be based on the IBM Domino server.

Overall, these branding changes will be phased in as new services are made available in the cloud and as new releases are made available on-premises for each of the respective offerings, above.

Hope that helps provide clarity.

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