Renewing Domino SSL Certificate

Thanks to Paul Farris for posting this article how to renew a self signed on a Domino Web Server:

  • Copy .kyr and .sth from Server data folder to local Workstation
  • Open Certsrv.nsf (Server Certificate Admin) on Server from Notes Client (not Administrator)
  • Go to View Certificate Request Log
  • Select Key Ring to Display
  • Enter path to copied local kyr file
  • Enter Password
  • Select “Create Key Ring & Certificates”
  • Select “Create Certificate Request”
  • Copy CSR text
  • Email your CSR to your SSL Certificate supplier
  • When CSR returned then copy the text
  • Back in Notes Client select “Install Certificate into Key Ring”
  • Paste in certificate text
  • Press “Merge Certificate into Key Ring” button
  • Copy .kyr from local to Server Data directory
  • Restart web server with “tell http restart”

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