IBM Notes Traveler 9.0.1 IF3 available

IBM released a new Interim Fix for IBM Notes Traveler 9.0.1 including the following fixes:

Read mark for Calendar invitation not synced from Mobile device to Notes Client.
Temporary loss of event description on Mobile device when event modified on the device.
Unnecessary error message displayed “Attempt to perform folder operation on non-folder item”.
Unable to reply to mail on Android device if recipient has Apostrophe in name.
Renamed user may have device records left under old name in admin app.
User sync gets stuck on mail with large embedded attachment, such as delivery failure or phone message.
Unable to delete contact e-mail address from Notes or iNotes, value repopulated by mobile device.
Timing window where Notes Traveler may not detect primary mail server marked as unavailable.
LO78416external link Server BB devices may resync all data when not necessary.
LO78465external link Server User may get incorrect error message when over quota.
LO78474external link Server Security status update may be lost if the user is in process of being load balanced.
LO78503external link Server Return receipt document may appear in the users sent folder.
LO78506external link Android Notes Traveler client fails to upgrade on Android 4.0 and 4.1 devices.
LO78524external link Server Modify repeating To Do on device and it may show as over due on the server.
LO78577external link Server BB10 removes quotes from display name when replying to e-mail.
LO78628external link Server Ensure plain text included when sending mail from mobile device.
LO78636external link Server Attachments may be lost when reply to mail from a Windows device.
LO78667external link Android Android vibrates on new mail when set for audio alert.
LO78692external link Server Maintain time zone name if the offset is the same.
LO78700external link Server Notes Traveler cleanup tell command may not complete.
LO78728external link Server Unexpected draft document may appear after processing event on mobile device.
LO78734external link Server To Do item may be archived sooner than expected.
LO78787external link Server Session update or does not exist error in the console when syncing BB or Apple To Dos.

Download is available at IBM Fix Central

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