Learn Domino Query Language

One of the new features in Domino V10 is DQL which allows you to access Domino data using SQL. Darren Cacy presented this new feature with some examples and also the prereq’s.

But Darren also showed when NOT to use DQL:

For using DQL in your environment you should follow the following tips:

Usage of terms and booleans

Usage of the language to access data from a Domino database

  • Fulltext Indexing of a Domino database is not necessary for better performance !
  • No sort functions available with DQL – therefore you have to use other tools ( Node.JS for example )
  • Design Catalog GQFdsgn.cat has to exist on the Domino Server which is currently not automatically created !!!
  • Currently there’s no security available in DQL – this is a feature for the future and is coming with IAM

Here’s an example how to use DQL:

So DQL is a great feature when you have to access Domino databases for displaying a small result set in any frontend via Node.JS. Get additional information about this new feature in the “Getting started-lab” using the following link: http://ibm.biz/dql-lab

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