HCL Verse on Premises and HTTP error 404

Today I implemented VoP on a Domino Server running on an iSeries like the “implementation” always is done. But afterwards I received an HTTP error 404 when trying to open the URL https://mailserver.company.com/verse.

After some rechecks ( did I put the JAR files to the correct location and did I modify the owner ) I recreated the redirect database, rechecked the server configuration but could not get rid of this issue.

During the lifetime of the HCL case I received the following link:

And could remember that I also had an issue with this NOTES.INI setting INOTESDISABLEXPAGECMD=1 during the configuration of TOTP ( http://bit.ly/3yWAD9d ).

So setting this value to “0” ( set configuration INOTESDISABLEXPAGECMD=0 ) and restarting the Domino HTTP server the problem was solved and the VoP interface showed up.

@HCL: Please add this information to the official documentation of VoP setup guide.

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