HTMO / Older mails are truncated

One of our customers is using HTMO for some clients and had the problem that older mails have been automatically truncated in the Outlook client.

This issue can be solved by going through the following steps:

Set the following entry in the NOTES.INI of your HCL Traveler Server which is used for HTMO:

To change the default time limit, add the following setting:
If you specify a new limit here, it overrides any value sent by the client.

To disable the use of summary data, add the following setting:

Reference :

Then restart your HCL Traveler Server with the command:
rest ta traveler

After that you have to reset the account of the HTMO user with the following command:
tell traveler reset <deviceID> <UserName>

Now during the next sync the mails are resynced and are not truncated anymore.

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