HCL Traveler 12.0.2 FP1 is available

Today HCL released FixPack 1 for the current Traveler version 12.0.2 with the following enhancements:

Updated APNS P12 files
Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) p12 certificates updated to expire in February 2024. These certificates replace the files shipped with 12.0.1 Fix Pack 2, which expire in September 2023.

Clear the sync anchors for a device from the Traveler Web-based Administration interface
Using the tell traveler clearanchors command, the administrator can clear the sync anchors for a user’s device(s). This is a light weight option to trigger a device to resync the data (mail, calendar, etc). This ability is now available as an action in the Traveler web-based Administration interface. For more information on the use and effect of clearing the sync anchors, see Resetting users and devices.

There of course are fixes included in this FixPack:

Deletion Log documents from compact -dl are getting synced to Traveler devices as drafts

Dates display in mm/dd/yyyy format in out of office email replies when out of office is set from a device with the United Kingdom Region setting

Sync conflict for repeating calendar event with Apple iOS native client

S/MIME signed only messages sent by HCL Verse for iOS are not trusted by all mail clients

The installation sources are available on HCL Flexnet.

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