HCL Nomad Mobile on Android and wrong intermediate cert / Lesson learned

Today I had the issue that I could not configure HCL Nomad Mobile on a Android device. The user always received the error:

Proxy Server Error
We were unable to to contact ……..

The setup of HCL Nomad Mobile on iOS was working fine and therefore I thought it´s a general problem with Android devices. After opening a case I received a very important information:

a wrong intermediate certificate in your PFX file on the HCL SafeLinx server causes Android devices that they cannot successfully connect and therefore the setup of HCL Nomad Mobile cannot be finished.

If there´s a wrong intermediate certificate ( which I received from the customer ) iOS devices are able to lookup the correct intermediate certificate during the setup and thus HCL Nomad can be setup without any issues.

Solution: when you receive those error you can easily check if you’re using the correct intermediate certificate on this site: https://whatsmychaincert.com/ using the section “Test your server”. On this site you also can generate the correct chain for your certificate.

After rebuilding the PFX file and replacing it on the HCL SafeLinx Server the setup of HCL Nomad Mobile also worked fine on Android – even with SAML authentication !!

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