Upgrade WebSphere Application Server to

Yesterday I had the challenge to upgrade an existing WAS environment from to the latest with all security patches. First of all it´s always safe to create VMware snapshots before doing anything.

The installation with the Installation Manager ran fine but after the upgrade the Deployment Manager didn’t start. After taking a look on the SystemOut.log I could see the following error messages:

[8/11/22 18:27:56:650 CEST] 00000001 ContainerHelp E WSVR0501E: Error creating component null [class com.ibm.ws.runtime.component.ORBImpl]
… 66 more
Caused by: java.lang.SecurityException: Jurisdiction policy files are not signed by trusted signers!

After some investigations I searched for the “SecurityException” message and was led to the following link: https://ibm.co/3dmbKfE

So after taking a look in the mentioned directory ( in my case it was /data/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/java_1.8_64/jre/lib/security/ ) I could find the following files in there:

After moving those files into a backup directory I reverted to the VMware snapshot, reran the upgrade with the Installation Manager and afterwards the DMGr came up without any problems.

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