HCL Verse 3.0 is available

HCL released the new version of HCL Verse with some great enhancements:

Create and search for contacts in Verse
Until now the contacts app always switched over to iNotes. This feature currently is in Beta version and is off by default. If you want to enable you have to put the following entry in the NOTES.INI of your Domino Server hosting HCL Verse: VOP_GK_FEATURE_201=1

Find availability when scheduling a new meeting
With this version you’re able to let the server find available time for the participants when scheduling a meeting. To enable this feature put the following entry in your NOTES.INI:
After enabling this feature the search for free times looks this way:

Manage alternate addresses when sending emails
Like in Notes V12 you now also are able to use alternate addresses when composing an email. The requirements are:
– Domino 12.0.1 FP1 or higher
– Mail Template 12.x
In the Verse settings you can enable this feature by enabling this option:

View mail file quota
If there´s a quota on your mailfile you now can see this also in HCL Verse 3.0

Set availability preferences
Like in Notes where you can set your available time for meetings you now also can configure this times in HCL Verse. When you open your Verse settings it looks this way:

Use chat option in offline and do not disturb mode
Users can now leave a Sametime chat message for colleagues who are offline or who mark themselves as “Do Not Disturb”. This feature requires Sametime® version 11.6.2 or higher FP or Sametime® version 12 or higher and the persistent chat option enabled on the Sametime® server.

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