Multiple ideas for Notes, Domino, VoP, Traveler, Sametime, Nomad …

HCL is offering a platform ( ) where everyone can publish his idea for future releases. A lot of the ideas posted here have made the way to gold releases – so HCL IS LISTENING TO THE MARKET !!

I also created some ideas and it would make me happy if someone would also vote for those ideas:

HCL Notes
Include some features from the OpenNTF Team Mailbox in the default template
Enable the check for allowed characters when creating new folders
Ability to drag and drop multiple attachments into a local folder from a single mail
Display the mail size in the header
Online Check of “OoO” enablement
Use categories from Calender Profile also for inbox or folders
Sync of “Recent Contacts” to Mail database
Enable failover to cluster member after a configurable time
Modify delivery option for meeting returns
Possibility to move multiple mails in the folder suggested by Swift File
Information of the recipient(s) when forwarding mails

HCL Verse on Premises
Access and search in different mail archives via VoP
Add the ability to search your mail AND archive from VoP

HCL Domino Administration
Add group of “Servers only” to the Dropdown selection in Connection Documents
Option to also remove archive database when deleting an user

HCL Domino
Configuration Document for automatically removing finished AdminP Requests
Possibility to start multiple fixup tasks
Make File Viewer available during the installation of the Domino Server

HCL Traveler
Option to reset all devices at one time
Mail options directly from the notification bar on Android

HCL Sametime
Remove request for Domino as base layer for the ST Community Server

HCL Nomad
Enter database name manually

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