HCL Digital Week – Recap Day 2 / Part 1

After a very interesting Day 1 today we received other aspects about the upcoming releases and some brand new announcements. That´s the cause I’m splitting today´s recap in 2 parts.

But in the opening session with Richard Jefts and Wayne Kurtzman – IDC Research Director Social & Collaboration – very interesting informations about “Enabling the Future of Work” have been given. Especially the slide about the difficulties in communication and collaboration was very interesting:

But there have also been changes in the first half of 2020 which have been seen for the next 5 years ! Especially Covid-19 was accelerating this progress. Wayne Kurtzman also showed a slide which is expressing the most important fact about collaboration.

The benefits of collaboration solutions of course can save time ( and hopefully they do ) but there are more impacts:

And a very important information about Collaboration has been the closing information from Richard:

Collaboration technology is not just tech. It support company culture.

In the next session a very expected session about the official announcement of HCL Sametime Premium V11.5 took place. Luis and Ginni presented the new version of HCL Sametime including the ability for Video meetings.

But compared with other solutions you have the following benfits compared with other solutions:

  • Your decision if on-premises or cloud-native
  • Secured data
  • No installation of plugins, clients, .. necessary, but possible
    • Desktop Apps for Windows and Mac

Overview about the new facts of HCL Sametime Premium

Also the price comparison of HCL Sametime Premium is worth to think about it:

Feel free to calculate your costs for HCL Sametime Premium:

So great enhancements for HCL Sametime –
thanks to Ginni, Luis and the whole Dev Team !!

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