HCL Connections 7.0

Planned for December 2020, HCL is delivering the new version of HCL Connections with some really great enhancements:

Tailored Experience

Save time and achieve better outcomes by building better Communities faster

  • Wizard
    • A step-by-step process takes users by the hand guiding them through the process of creating a Community
  • Templates
    • Whether you want to achieve a consistent look-and-feel across your organization’s Communities or you run repeatable projects that rely on bestpractices as part of every new project – Connections Community templates dramatically shorten the time to get productive
  • Highlights
    • A new Highlights experience that seamlessly integrates standard Connections apps with dynamic and configurable widgets

Microsoft 365 Ecosystem Support

Integration of MS Teams, Outlook, SharePoint and Office

  • Teams Integration
    • One-To-One Chat
    • Share with Channel
    • Messaging Extension
    • Connections Tab App
  • Outlook Integration
    • Save the entire email or just the attachments to where they are useful to others – as a shared File, a to-do in an Activity, as a knowledge article in a Wiki, or simply as a status update to share the good news
    • Send emails with links to Connections files rather than attaching a local file again and again
    • You have options
      • Share via link or as attachment if needed
      • Use the Outlook client integration on Mac and PC or in your browser
  • Sharepoint Integration
    • Single access point
    • Seamless
    • Widget or full-page view
  • Office Integration
    • Round Trip Edit with Microsoft 365

Export to PDF
Print, Archive, Share; export Connections pages for easy re-use

Cloud Native Initiative
Continuing on the path to drive down the total cost of ownership of Connections, specifically for the Component pack, HCL Connections now supports Amazon EKS and Red Hat Open Shift.

Feel free and go through the linked presentation where the single points are shown more detailled overview.


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