Enforcing password change at the next time for Internet password could be a problem

Yesterday I had an issue at customer where a case at HCL ( CSCS0131265 ) has been opened. Up to the beginning:

with Domino V11.0.1 the great feature for authenticating users accessing via Web protocol like HTTP(s), LDAP,… against the ID Vault is working like a charm. Therefore I registered a lot of people without setting an HTTP password in the person document. Afterwards I enforced the users to change the password after the first login what also worked fine.

You’ll receive the information that the Password Change request has been successfully sent to the Administration Requests what still is working. Now up the problem:

If the AdminP tries to modify the HTTP password in the person document you’ll receive the following error in the server console:

[2904:0005-1378] 23.06.2020 12:55:58 Adminp Request: [Change HTTP Password in Domino Directory] on [Username]

[2904:0005-1378] 23.06.2020 12:55:58 Admin Process: Received the following error performing a Change HTTP Password in Domino Directory request on Username (Path: admin4.nsf; Name: HTTPPassword): Note item not found

So it seems that the Internet Password isn´t set during the user registration Adminp cannot finish the change of the Internet Password.


  1. Hello Rainer,

    it seems, if i register users without internet password the field “httppassword” field is not created in person document. I am not quite sure if this is version depended (tested in Domino 10 and 11). Therefore Adminp cannot populate the field because it does not exist.

    I have a similar problem with sametime login via Domino SSO token, they get a strange error “login failed – reason: a connection to the server cannot be made at this time becausse the server reset. If i edit the person document manually enter a empty internet password, the field (w/o entry) will be generate and my login inside sametime will work.

    Do you have a solution from HCL about this problem ?


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