Resource Reservation Database does not handle meetings 24+ hours

Last week I could see an issue with the resource reservation database regarding meetings 24+ hours.

Beginning with V11 you´re able to schedule meetings for 24+ hours and this is working very well ( thanks to HCL !! ). But if you also reserve a meeting room you’ll find out that the meeting scheduled e.g. from Wednesday, July 1st, 07:00 to Friday, July 3rd, 18:00, will only show up as a 1-day-entry in the resource reservation database.

Here are the screenshots:

The meeting entry in the calendar

01_calendar entry

The meeting entry in the calendar overview

02_calendar overview

The calendar entry in the resource reservation database

03_calendar overview resdb

The calendar entry detail ( correct EndDate )

05_calendar entry detail

After opening a case I received the information that this issue could be reproduced. So it seems that there´s a problem with the template of the resource reservation database.

If you want to refer to my existing case the case number is CS0125933.

After a great hint from Oliver Busse I checked if the free time search is working – and yes, it´s displaying the reserved time correctly:

06_freetime search



  1. It would be interesting if at least the free time search will handle this correctly. Is the room blocked for 3 days when you search for a free resource?


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