HCL Sametime V11+

Today HCL invited to a webinar about the current version of HCL Sametime – V11. There are great enhancements in this release compared with the last releases:

  • 64bit support for the Sametime Community Server
  • No more WebSphere
  • No more DB2
  • Very simplified installation
  • Persistant Chat
  • Simple integration of Third Party Conference Tools

But also the roadmap of HCL Sametime is looking fine:

HCL Sametime V11.5 ( Targeted available in Juni 2020 )

  • HCL Sametime Meetings 
  • Built on open source
  • Audio/Video and Screen Sharing
  • No plugins necessary for users !!
  • Very simple deployment

But also take a look at the mentioned roadmap:

HCL Sametime Roadmap

If you have additional questions you can also take a look at the complete presentation shown during this webinar.

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