Domino V10 / V11 on iSeries

If you have to install/upgrade a Domino Server on iSeries and you want to install the software with “RSTLICPGM” you need to enter the license program here:


I opened a case and received the following informations very quickly ( thanks to Somnath Mohanty for his fast investigation ! ):


5733D10 = Domino 10.0.1

5733D11 =Domino V11

We have now dropped the word Lotus, hence you can see “L” is missing from V10 onwards. Product documentation doesn’t have this detail, so I will discuss this further and publish a knowledge article at the earliest to clear this confusion.


After installation of Domino V11 you have to upgrade the system databases to the current ODS – but therefore the Domino server has to be down. You can run thi with the following command after putting the Create_R10_Databases=1 to the NOTES.INI:

RUNDOMCMD SERVER(servername) CMD(CALL PGM(QDOMI110001/COMPACT) PARM(‘names.nsf’ ‘-ODS’))


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