Domino V10+ error message: ‘DB in use by another process’

On multiple customer environments running Domino on Windows Server 2016 you always receive the mentioned error when trying to delete a database.

One customer also had issues by accessing the FT index of databases after the Domino V10 migration.

First I thought that running the Domino servers in a clustered environment caused this issue but it´s much more easier:

Just exclude the Domino Data directory from being scanned by the Windows Defender. Afterwards everything´s running fine and you also are able to delete databases.

Right now I received the information from Uli that there´s a known bug in 10.0.1+ where DAOSMgr is not releasing database handles after running a “resync” or a “resync force”. But there´s a HotFix for 10.0.1 FP1 with SPR # GFALBCFAK3. So it seems that this fix is not included in 10.0.1 FP2 ( fix list ) because the fix was released just the day before FP2.

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  1. Some additional information about the issue behind SPR # GFALBCFAK3.

    The fix is checked into Domino 11 and will be in 10.0.1 FP3.
    The issue is that daosmgr does not release the files correctly.
    It doesn’t happen in all cases. I did another test on Windows and I got the confirmation from HCL that it is sufficient that you stop the daosmgr to release the file. So for now the best practice is to restart the daosmgr once you did a resync.
    You can continue to work with the database without the restart. Just the rename of the database does not work, because there is still a file handle open for the database.

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